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Vision For The Future

Vision impairments in children might go unnoticed because kids lack a frame of reference for what is normal. They might not complain about their vision at all, even if they are having difficulties seeing. 

Regular, comprehensive eye exams can help evaluate your child’s visual acuity and overall ocular health

Book an appointment to ensure your child sees well, long into the future.

Please note we do not provide exams for children under the age of 5.

We See Kids From Toddlers (5 and up) to Teens

Children play peek-a-boo, show interest in mirrors and mobiles, and interact with brightly coloured objects. While it might seem like simple playtime, it is more than that. They are learning to interact with the world around them through sight. 

Even though your child might be too young to recognize letters on a visual chart, they still need an eye exam. Tests for coordination, ability to focus on objects, and overall eye health can and should be done at any age

Annual eye exams are recommended for ages 6 to 19.

Looking & Learning

Kids should have at least one eye exam before they start school and annually after that. Visual skills are directly related to success at school.

A child’s learning environment is largely visual. Roughly 80% of what kids learn is gained through their vision, so starting them on the path to clear sight early on is imperative.

Many children are misdiagnosed with behavioural issues like ADHD when the real issue is vision-related. Children who cannot see clearly might learn at a slower rate than other children or become frustrated with school in general.

Potential Problems In Children’s Eyes

A healthy or “normal” eyeball is shaped somewhat like a basketball. But a myopic eye is shaped more like a football. Myopia (or nearsightedness) means objects far away can look blurry or fuzzy to a child.

Thankfully, myopia is easy to manage with glasses or contact lenses.

When the eyes are not properly aligned, it might result from a muscle condition called strabismus. Commonly referred to as crossed eyes, strabismus mainly impacts children under the age of 6. About 5% of kids have some degree of strabismus.

Children do not outgrow strabismus. Treatment is necessary to correct the condition and to ensure that it does not get worse.

If you notice a slight wandering in your child’s eyes, it may indicate strabismus. A comprehensive eye exam will be able to determine the appropriate course of action.

Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, might occur if the brain and eyes are not working together properly.

Sometimes, amblyopia develops as a result of strabismus. It can also occur if the degree of visual acuity differs greatly between the two eyes.

If you notice your child squinting, tilting their head regularly, or shutting one eye, they may have amblyopia. The condition is a common cause of vision loss in kids, so ensuring they have regular eye exams is crucial to preserve their sight.

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