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Keeping your eyes healthy and preventing eye diseases always begins with consistent visits to St. Clair Eye Clinic. Our comprehensive eye exams are professional and thorough, without ever sacrificing your comfort. We take you through a full diagnostic process to identify diseases at their earliest stages. We build individualized treatment plans for each of our patients, taking the time to understand your vision needs. Our process isn’t complete until you can see and feel your very best.
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Based on 212 reviews
Barbara Turner
Barbara Turner
I couldn't be more enthusiastic about Dr. Korkis -- in fact, i think she may have saved the vision in my right eye. I went for a routine eye exam, she diagnosed a possible retinal tear, and through her contacts I was seen by a retinologist only a few hours later. He found a large tear and lasered it on the spot. (He failed to offer any follow-up advice -- although he did schedule another appointment -- but when I called Dr Korkis after the weekend, she immediately told me what I needed to know. In addition to her manifest diagnostic skills, she is friendly, personable, and very efficient. I am so glad to have found her.
Nadia Bove
Nadia Bove
I have been coming with my family since the clinic opened. Dr Vyas has always been excellent in his services and advice. Always taking the time to explain. I am so happy to have this service in our community. Great front staff especially Maria!
Night Rider
Night Rider
We have been using this clinic for many years. The place gives you immediate confidence when you enter and know that you have arrived in a professional environment. Dr. Neel Vyas heads this place. He treated me with utmost care and professionalism. He has added new test equipment to do a diagnosis of many kinds. I will continue to visit him because I know the diagnosis will be accurate. The reception staff is quite friendly too. The place is clean, and they display all designer eye glasses for one to choose. Price is very reasonable. I compared it, and I know this clinic is not overcharging me. One more thing: They display artful paintings and photographs for you to enjoy while waiting your turn.
Ariela Gutfrajnd
Ariela Gutfrajnd
I recently experienced a very painful and scary corneal ulcer that appeared out of nowhere. I had never been to this clinic before but I called on a Saturday as an emergency when my symptoms first started. It ended up being an almost 2-month ordeal that I had to deal with and the care I received here was incredible! Both Dr. Korkis and Dr. Vyas were friendly and caring and were diligent about following up with me to ensure I was healing properly. The front desk staff were also very friendly and helpful! I highly recommend this place for eye care!
JB Fiske
JB Fiske
I needed emergency eye care, and Dr. Korkis was extremely efficient and reassuring during the process. I feel very fortunate that she could accommodate me so quickly!
Poppy Burbidge
Poppy Burbidge
Thank you to Dr. Neel Vyas and the team at St. Clair Eye Clinc for a professional and attentive service. 5 stars, 10/10 would highlighy recommend.
Nils Meier
Nils Meier
Dr. Korkis is a very professional, kind, and helpful. Overall staff is very welcoming, friendly and you feel well taken care of, always. I would highly recommend Dr. Korkis and the team to everyone looking for an excellent optometrist.
John Hopper
John Hopper
I have found the staff both friendly and professional. I have never had a issue with either their service or knowledge. Which have been impeccable.

Prevent Eye Diseases With Regular Visits

The surest way to keep your vision healthy and avoid serious eye issues is through regular eye exams. We can mitigate a majority of eye diseases with early diagnosis and the right preventative measures.

Patients with special circumstances may need to visit our clinic more frequently, but there are accepted guidelines for healthy eye exam frequency.

Our Eye Exam Process

We are constantly integrating advanced eye testing technology as our industry evolves. This means less invasive procedures and more accurate exam results. Our attention to detail is one of the key reasons we remain a leader in medical eye care.
The Eye Exam Experience

The standard eye exam includes the following steps:

  • Case history to understand your health and hereditary risks
  • Visual field test for peripheral vision
  • Snellen chart for visual acuity
  • Phoropter for measuring prescriptions
  • Slit-lamp microscope to view the front and back of the eye
  • Digital retinal imaging for disease diagnosis

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